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For the urban adventurer

Bored by the daily commute? Cut your walking time in half and have fun doing it! The stylish Elos weighs no more than a laptop and can fit into your backpack. The iconic racecar inspired design is super stable and can turn on a dime.



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What do people say about test ride?

Love this board! Been using it daily and the portable design has cut my commute down about 15 min each way. Gotta love it.

Brett Bolte - Kickstarter Backer

Got my board in the mail today. Love it! Went to pick it up @ my moms and she was standing on it. Lol.

Tom Herring - Kickstarter Backer

Love this lil guy...perfect answer to a need I see daily in LA!

Gabriel Gato Ferrer - Kickstarter Backer

The concept of a board that you can slip into your pack was a great one!

Laura - SugarCRM Manager


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