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Elos DIY Kit Starter Model - Elos Blue

Elos DIY Kit Starter Model - Elos Blue

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Want to build your next adventure? Build a cruiser board yourself with the Elos DIY Kit. A perfect way to get hands-on skills and outdoor fun during the weekends.

FUN FOR 7 - 70+ YEARS OLD - Building a skateboard from the ground up can be a rewarding activity. With our instruction booklet and video tutorial, young kids and DIY enthusiasts can learn how skateboards work with hands and continue with feet to master the skill of riding.


CONTENT RICHED INSTRUCTION - With the official Elos step-by-step full-color booklet and video walkthroughs, you will soak up knowledge that might even surprise the local skate shops. Great for practical STEM education and DIY skills.


RIDE WITH PRIDE - The extra-wide deck works as a huge steering wheel to provide extra stability for beginners and for pro-users to control every inch of a turn into any sharp corner. With a lower center of gravity, huge 72mm F1-like wheels, and a lightweight design, think mini racer cars for your feet, built by you.


QUALITY THAT LASTS FOR YEARS - This is not a typical assemble and abandon DIY project. The Elos board can easily become your's daily commuter or last your kids all the way through graduation.


CUSTOMER SUPPORT & WARRANTY - Just scan the unique QR code and start register for a one-year functional warranty. If you have any questions, Elos team is one click away.

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father and daughter bonding while assembling Elos DIY Kit for quality family time


With out step-by-step colorful booklet, you'll be building your very own Elos in no time.

  • Elos DIY Kit Flyer Spec
  • Elos DIY Kit starter Spec