showcasing the process of making Elos lightweight wheels

Long-lasting design

Elos was designed with durability in mind since day one. We expect most Elos boards to last around 7 years with basic maintenance or even longer with meticulous care. Every part of the board was carefully sourced and tested for durability and sustainability. We regularly subject our parts to stress testing far beyond their intended use to ensure they will remain intact in a real world environment.

Revealing the origin of wood for Elos skateboards

Sustainable material

We’ve carefully sourced many of our materials. The most notable is the wooden deck. We specifically sought out deck suppliers who partake in responsible forestry. Essentially they continually replant trees and avoid exhausting natural woodlands.

Elos is dedicated to creating a fun experience making you ride more, drive less, Elos everywhere, and connect to public transportation for longer journeys.


Start building a healthy lifestyle with fewer emissions with us.