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Elos founder Tom showing the process of making Elos skateboards

The story of Elos did not start with a business plan...

it is just a pair of hands crafting a new kind of skateboard. A board that gave friends and families an easier time learning and riding together.

More than a decade before the first Elos became available to the public, Tom Wang, the founder of Elos, had been helping his friends to enjoy the freedom of skateboarding.  But most skateboards on the market were designed to perform in extreme sports, and were not the easiest boards to learn on. So Tom started building skateboards that would be stable for new learners, and still be fun for experienced skateboarders. He went through numerous designs over the years, a sleek, compact form of skateboard we know and love took shape.

On October 18th, 2016, Elos, launched the first Classic Model on Kickstarter! With the help of 600 supporters around the world, the idea of Elos made its way into reality.

Over the last 6 years, the concept of Elos has grown from a passion project, to a highly-successful crowdfunding campaign, and now to a thriving business. More and more pairs of hands join the team every year to bring new insights, innovations, and experiences.

  • Elos founder Tom showing the process of making Elos skateboards
  • Engraving Elos logo into Elos skateboards, the world most compact cruiser board
  • Elos founder Tom showcasing the process of making Elos skateboards
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Elos enthusiasts can be found riding in cities across the globe.

Our ridership ranges from urban commuters in Tokyo and Silicon Valley to families in Taipei and Melbourne. You are likely to see students cruising across campus on Elos in both Texas and Singapore. No matter the location, Elos offers the same packable, stylish, and fun riding experience to everyone.

  • A man riding Elos skateboard in a squatting pose on a sunny day with a happy expression
  • Father and daughter enjoying Elos skateboards as a fun family activity
  • Daughter and son enjoy skating Elos cruiser board together


  • Two girls holding hands enjoying skating on Elos skateboards together in costume in Colorado


    We believe getting from A to B should be part of the adventure. When you’re on an Elos, fun doesn’t begin at the destination but from the moment you leave your
    front door.

  • A girl holding Elos skateboards, strolling in park at sunset


    Is the Elos beautifully designed? Of course! But we don’t make art for art’s sake. Every aspect of Elos is meticulously engineered to withstand years of daily use while remaining light enough to carry in one hand.

  • A mom and her two kids having fun with Elos skateboards on a sunny afternoon


    Elos was initially designed for family to easily pick it up and ride. Our design and relationships haven’t changed over the years. New riders can pick it up in under 30 minutes, and feel a family-like camaraderie with fellow Elosians.

  • Showing the process of making Elos skateboards


    We are more than just a green way to get around town. From minimizing packaging to repurposing materials in our manufacturing process, we are conscious of our environmental impact from the very beginning of a board’s life.

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