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General Questions

Is Elos appropriate for beginners? Can advanced skateboarders still enjoy it?

Elos is made for all kinds of riders. The unique shape and smooth, stable ride let absolute beginners pick up riding in a breeze. In the hands of experienced riders, Elos can be adjusted to carve and to turn on a dime.

How does Elos differ from other skateboards?

Most skateboards are designed for extreme sports. Elos is designed for easy learning and everyday cruising. If regular skateboards are the soccer shoe with spikes, Elos is like a nice pair of sneakers that you can wear to just about anywhere and always looks good. 

Some of the innovative designs include the handles that make it so portable. The size makes it easy to be tucked away. The patented TableDock®️allows you to hang Elos anywhere next to you. The one of a kind non-abrasive top coating will not damage your clothes like regular grip-tape. The list just goes on.

How’s the quality of Elos?

We’ve been designing and sharing the joy of riding Elos with friends and family well before we officially opened our door to the public in 2016. Thus we have a tradition of using components that we have personally tested for years before we pass them on to you. To safeguard the quality to perfection, each Elos is hand-assembled in-house by the Elos Team in our own facility.

We've designed a test lab to regularly test our production and prototype parts. For instance, each Elos has two trucks, and each truck is tested to hold 440lb (200kg) before it goes to the production line. We only use Hardrock Maple for our deck. It is 30% denser than normal maple and is harder for the machine. Since wood is a natural product, it is extremely difficult to keep the quality high. We carefully inspect each deck and regularly do destructive tests to ensure the performance lives up to our standards. Find out more in our blog.

How much does Elos weigh? What is the weight limit on these? Can it fit my big foot size?

Elos Lightweight series weighs about 4lb (1.85kg) about as much as a laptop. 

We have tested the load capacity of Elos with friends who weighed around 260 lb and it held up fine. It did just fine. In general, it definitely becomes harder to ride above that weight because it's harder to stay balanced. Perhaps a bigger longboard is more suitable. We recommend a shoe size equal to or smaller than men's US size 12 for riding Elos. On some occasions, we've seen US size 14 riding an Elos comfortably after having watched our YouTube tutorials for the correct stance.

Can I take Elos on an airplane??

Elos is designed to be compatible with most, if not all, domestic airlines’ carry-on policies. It can also be stowed in a regular backpack that can house 15-inch laptops. Airline policy changes for international flights. Some will allow you to carry it on the plane, and some will require you to pack it in your checked baggage.

What materials are the deck made of?

The deck is composed of seven layers of Hard Rock Maple from the Great Lakes region of North America and Canada. 100% handmade by the Elos Team.

If the wheels are damaged, can we change them?

Yes, Elos uses 72mm diameter wheels with a wear-resist formula that will last for years. For any reason, feel free to contact us for replacement parts or you can use any other skateboard wheels as well. However, we do advice to stay close to the 72mm diameter range (65~75) to maintain its designed performance. Feel free to check out our “Elos How To” video on Youtube for maintenance techniques.

Can Elos do tricks?

Yes, you can do tricks. We call them techniques that make Elos useful and convenient for short urban travels. Check out our Youtube Channel “Elos Skateboards” to learn them. Occasionally, I’ve seen riders doing a 360° flip on an Elos. Skateboarding is a free sport. Feel free to practice and invent your own signature tricks.

Is there a warranty on Elos?

Warranty is unseen in most of the US-based skateboard companies. However, each Elos comes with a 12-month warranty once you register the QR code on the back of your Elos. Just scan the laser engraved QR code with an iPhone camera or any QR reader for Android to register. Basically, stay away from cars, and moisture (bearings could rust). We will replace any parts for free that were damaged by your feet.

A little more information about the special surface treatment.

Most skateboards are designed to do stunts, so most of them come with abrasive grip tape that is rough to the touch and will damage your nice clothes. All Elos comes with a unique surface finish that provides enough grip for control, but is clothes-friendly. So you can wear what you feel like wearing without any concerns.

Where can I find Elos riders like me?

Search "ElosSkateboards" on Instagram and Facebook to join groups. You can also join our Discord channel by clicking the invitation button on our tutorial guide (Please access the guide by scanning your QR code on the board). Feel free to tag us and post your photos with #teamElos to stay in touch.

I see some hairline cracks on my deck. Is this normal?

Hairline cracks (aka stress crack or pressure cracks) are natural and will happen to all wood based skateboards sooner or later. Although we use Canadian Hardrock maple (pretty much the best material we could find) Elos is not immune to them. They can be caused by humidity differences, over-tightening of the screws, or maybe just that specific deck is 'softer' so is more prone to develop stress cracks. The only reason you don't see these on traditional skateboards because it's covered by the black grip tape on top.

How do I know if my Elos is safe to ride even with these stress cracks?

Look at the cracks, see if the hairline goes pass the third layer. If it is, take a picture and shoot us an email. Most of the time stress cracks are only cosmetic issues and does not make the deck weaker to ride. (Its just normal expanding and contracting between the wood). 

Please contact us if you see stress cracks on our decks. We'd like to keep track of the performance of our decks to improve our service. On the other hand, since your Elos is under a one-year functional warranty, if you manage to snap the deck with your foot, we will gladly replace the $60 deck for you (just pay shipping). So far we've only replaced cracked decks that got run over by cars... If anything happens after the one year warranty, reach back to us anytime.

Shipping & Delivery

Where does Elos ship to?

Currently, Elos is available in most countries around the world! Besides the North American continent, we have channels in several Asian counties like Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, etc.

When can I receive my Elos?

For boards in stock, it usually takes 2 working days to ship out from Northern California. Usually, the board will be delivered in 4-10 days. Look for our shipping notification email in your inbox or spam folder. 😉

VAT and duty tax?

It will be the receiver's responsibility to take care of the import duty, VAT, local tax. The shipping cost only covers the packaging and postage shipping from our warehouse (Northern California USA).