• The Logo of women love tech

    "A new mode of transport that can cut your travel time in half, also while being infinitely more enjoyable...Great for lifelong skaters, but also perfect for new learners and beginners, or even those who just want to get from point A to point B in a fun way, and fast..."

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  • The Logo of Geeky Gadgets

    "The easy to assemble kit allows you to build a compact skateboard that fun to ride, easy to learn and features high quality deck, wheels, trucks and components"

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  • The logo of Urban Daddy

    "The unique shape and big wheels mean its relatively easy for even the most balance-agnostic person to pick up. And though it rides like a longboard, its size makes it ideal for commuters.."

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  • The logo of Cool Things

    "A commuter-friendly skateboard, it comes with a wide deck that enables longboard-like carving even in tight turns, all while providing superior stability to make it easier for novices to handle. It’s also shorter than traditional longboards, making it a whole lot more convenient to transport, whether you carry it by hand, strap it to a backpack, or stow it away in the backseat of your car..."

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Fun Cruiser Skateboard In Town

Hear From The Riders

A Spanish girl gliding down Barceloneta on a weekend for a fun outdoor activity

Fun, Fast but not Furious! A Genuine Elos Skateboard Reviews by Skateboarding In

"If you are a lifelong skater, a newbie who has recently taken the goal to learn skateboarding or a learner of Eggboard cruising, you will find it easy to cruise with: Even if you are a non-skateboarder, you will soon transform into one, thanks to the sole reason why Elos makes going from A to B the most fun adventures to be on. off to college, crusing for a quick doughnut, or flexing a little, Elos is versatile"

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A woman holding green Elos skateboards against a sunny sky backdrop

Best Skateboard For Cruising - A Guide by Skatetownguide

"Elos- Best small cruiser skate boards! With Elos, skateboarding can be very easy. This urban cruiser is designed so that a newbie can learn to ride in one afternoon. The portable and compact design is easy to carry around yet durable enough to last a long time. When you ride an Elos board, you will become part of a happy community of effortless skateboarders..."

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A man using Elos skateboard for alternative commute to work transportation

Elos Skateboard: A Cool Stuff for the Urban Adventurer - A Review on Steemit

"As when I was young, I have always dream to have a portable tool for cutting my travel time. The Elos Skateboard is lighter than a laptop and fit into a school bag which is the most attractive feature for me. For those who like to be a adventurer, this a absolutely a great product for you! Some people may think electric skateboard is better. But electric skateboard is more heavy which is not good for portable..."

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A teacher using Elos DIY kit for steam and educational activity in class, displaying assembled board with student signatures

End of Testing Idea: Build a Skateboard with Elos - A Review on SoonandSo4th

"The tools were easy to use and were simple enough that students could essentially put everything together on their own, which we all loves. Putting together a skateboard was something I had never done before but this experience made it so simple that I would definitely do it again!"

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A man attaching Elos skateboards to backpack for added road fun during camping trip with friends

8 Best Skateboard For Commuting Reviews 2021 - A Guide by Best Skateboards Club

"It is one of the best skateboards for commuting because of its decent design...the skateboard’s quality shouldn’t be underestimated. It is because the deck consists of premium quality maple wood that can carry the load without any problem. Another thing that makes it a perfect option for beginners is its ultimate stability..."

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  • A happy family, including two kids and two moms, celebrate after successfully assembling their first Elos skateboard. This is a great alternative to a penny board skateboard and other different types of skateboards. You can find it sometimes holding mini longboard sale each year.

    ...The kit was super easy to understand & brought the 4 of us together! We love how easy it is to ride & how compact it is!🙌🏼...


  • A skater boy and skater girl in black attire holding Elos and dancing

    talking about wheels…isn’t @elos.active skateboard the cutest skateboard you’ve ever seen!!😍😍...

    - @reenawright

  • Two girls watching scenery of uk countryside with maple Elos skateboards hanging on fence next to them

    We are loving the size, it’s easy to carry and bring with us for any adventure. It rides very smooth!

    - @redmugdreams

  • A girl smiling and standing beside an iconic London phone booth with her Elos skateboards nearby

    Conveniently took my light weight and compact Elos board around London 😊🇬🇧...

    - @bgirl_nat

  • Father and son using Elos DIY kit for educational family activity after school

    ...These two had the best time building this skateboard together. Easton is at the age where he loves to help daddy around the house and build things. I highly recommend this fun diy skateboard 🛹...

    - @kariniehuus

  • A young spanish boy is teaching a young spanish girl how to skate Elos in Madrid

    Skate en pareja 🛹...

    - @derick.fbor

  • A spanish man skating Elos skateboards under palm tree in Barcelona in summer

    De paseo en la incomprendida barceloneta con este bicho nuevo de @elos.active. Un híbrido skate tipo longboard que resulta más que útil y práctico en ciudades planas como esta y muchas otras👌🏽...

    - @chilean_mate

  • A boy is customizing his Elos skateboards with Elos grip tapes

    It’s a special experience to build your own skateboard.

    It might sound silly, but the bond you have with the board is completely different when you build it yourself. It feels more like it’s “yours,” if that makes sense, and you care a bit more...

    - @adventurefamilyx

  • A girl attaching Elos skateboards to backpack, preparing to start a triathlon journey on a bike

    Triathlon training in action! Though, changing up the game with #teamelos. Taking out the “run” in triathlons and replacing it with “skate.”
    SWIM, BIKE, SKATE 🤙🏼...

    - @grrreathouse