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Elos Skateboard Hardware Kit

Elos Skateboard Hardware Kit

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On the Spot Fixes - Equipped with all necessary hardware to complete one skateboard. Your on-the-go skate shop.

Unmatched Quality and Durability - With parts that are hardened by heat-treated, rust resistant through nickel coating, it will ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability for your skateboarding needs.

Compact and Convenient for On-the-Go - Designed for portability, this palm size kit is neatly organized and can easily fitted into your bag or toolbox.

Include - Cone Bushings 88A x2, Barrel Bushing 88A x2, Cup Washers large x2, Cup Washers Small x2, #10-32 Truck Nut 1.1” x8, #10 Truck Bolt x8, ⅜” Kingpin Nut x2, 5/16" Axle Nut x4, Bearing Washers x8, 608 RS Bearing x2, Truck Pivot Cups x2

Customizable to Fit Your Needs - Got parts? With adjustable dividers, personalize your kit's layout to suit specific skateboarding requirements, making it a versatile tool for your style.

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  • child reading Elos DIY manual for skateboard assembly, learning mechanics from Elos DIY Kit guide
  • Beginner Friendly Tutorial

    First time switching out your skateboard parts? Don't worry. We've prepared a series of tutorials to walk you though a few details. You can also scan the QR code on the manual card that comes with the product.

    Watch Tutorial