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Elos Black Reflective Stickers - Jumbo

Elos Black Reflective Stickers - Jumbo

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Jumbo Size for a Professional Look.

ENGINEERED FOR BRIGHTNESS - Top of the line 3M Scotchlite technology - Black Reflective Vinyl (reflects back white). Still reflects excellently when wet. Meets NFPA fire safety standards.


EASY TO USE - Adheres perfectly to flat surfaces and conforms excellently around simple curves. Easy to install on any dry hard surface with pressure-activated adhesive. Tutorial video and instructions included.

DURABLE - 9-year Durability. Waterproof. Resists cracking in cold weather and extreme heat. Permanent adhesive. Note: Not reposition-able once set.


WIDE APPLICATIONS - Stands out to drivers and keeps you safe! Perfect for helmets, outdoor gear, bicycle frames, bike rims (not for brakes), motorcycles, or strollers.


STYLISH & SAFE - Beautiful and discreet by daylight / Efficiently reflects car lights in the dark. Add a decal to your children's bike, scooter, mailbox or any smooth hard surface. It will stick to some shoe uppers.

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