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Complete Skateboard Beginner Set

Complete Skateboard Beginner Set

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Wrist Guard Size

Start your Elos journey with this cruising bundle! With the wrist guard and skate tool ready, you'll learn how to blast down the street in no time!


ULTRA-PORTABLE - At only 4 lbs and 18 inch tall, you can easily carry Elos with your backpack or messenger bag, for a hassle-free daily commute.


EASY TO LEARN & MANEUVERABLE - The extra-wide deck works as a huge steering wheel to provide extra stability for beginners and for pro-users to control every inch of a turn into any sharp corner. With a lower center of gravity, huge 72mm F1-like wheels and a lightweight design, think mini racer cars for your feet. Elos can cut your walking time in half while having fun doing it.


SELF SUSPENSION DESIGN FOR SMOOTHNESS - with original wheels and trucks design, the Elos Lightweight version rides even smoother compared to Classic for everyday ride!


THOUGHTFUL DAILY USAGE - Elos Lightweight comes with built-in reflective trucks to improve night ride safety. With our patented design, hang it easily on any counter table when grabbing a coffee, or just tuck it away seamlessly between you and the backpack without the worry of grip tape damaging your clothes.


CUSTOMER SUPPORT & UNIQUE QR CODE - If you think Elos isn’t techie enough, just use any QR code scanner to read the laser engraved QR serial code. Now you can register your board, claim ownership whenever you need, watch riding tutorials and catch up with our customer support team to enjoy our 1 year warranty. We will also send an exclusive beginners tutorial on the day you received your Elos to make sure you enjoy the ride as quickly as possible!

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    Each Elos comes with a 12-month warranty once you register the QR code on the back of your Elos. Just scan the laser engraved QR code with any QR reader to register. Basically, stay away from cars, and moisture (bearings could rust). We will replace any parts for free that were damaged by your feet.

  • Elos complete skateboard spec