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Elos Personal Alarm - Milky White

Elos Personal Alarm - Milky White

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Portable & Dependable - This lightweight and compact safety alarm keychain could be easily carried with your purse, bag, or keys, making it always ready when you need it. Great personal security devices for women, runners, pet owners, and outdoor travelers to feel safe.

Powerful Self Defense Alarm - Pull off the top ring/pin to activate the LED strobe light and 130dB siren during emergency situations. (Medium firm pull required to minimize the chance of false alarm)

Easy To Use LED Key Light  Light up your path or keyhole with a 30 lm flashlight.

Durable & Green  USB Type-C rechargeable battery for years of uninterrupted use. 3 hours battery life with 1 hour charging time. Splash-proof, designed to take a beating for daily use.

Gift Ready  Package includes one led light built-in key chain alarm, a carabiner, one USB type-c charging cable, instruction, and a one-year functional warranty from Elos.

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