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Bushing Kit

Bushing Kit

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RIDE BETTER WITH PREMIUM MATERIAL - Feel the ride with our high rebound formula from Germany.

SMOOTH & QUIET - Love the squeaking sound from a new cheap board? We don’t. Replace with our pre-treated bushings for a quiet and smooth ride. No break-in necessary.


LONG LASTING - Performance from the start that last. Our bushings are wear resistant and simply split free. The washer cups are coated with zinc to prevent rust.


PERFECT FIT - Fits on most longboard trucks (Kingpin diameter of 0.37” or 9.4mm).


COMPLETE SET - One pack covers everything you need for one skateboard. Total 8 pieces - Includes 2 barrel bushings with 2 large washers, and 2 cone bushings with 2 smaller washers.

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  • child reading Elos DIY manual for skateboard assembly, learning mechanics from Elos DIY Kit guide
  • Beginner Friendly Tutorial

    First time switching out your skateboard parts? Don't worry. We've prepared a series of tutorials to walk you though a few details. You can also scan the QR code on the manual card that comes with the product.

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