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Elos Protective Gear Set

Elos Protective Gear Set

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Versatile and Easy-to-Use - Ideal for a range of medium-intensity sports including skateboarding, rollerblading, cycling, skiing, and more. Available in sizes for both adults and kids.

3D Contoured Comfort for Extended Wear - This advanced design not only offers superior comfort but also ensures the pads stay securely in place, reducing the need for constant readjustments. Experience the difference in comfort and stability with our smartly designed padding.

Customized Fit with Updated Sizing & Dual Packages - At Elos, we understand that one size doesn't fit all. That's why we've updated our sizing chart for 2024 and offer our protective gear in two separate packages. Choose wrist guards and elbow pads in one package, and knee pads in another, ensuring a perfect fit for each body part. This thoughtful approach means you get a better fit straight out of the box, tailored to your individual needs.

Easy Wear & Maximum Protection - Quick to put on with elastic straps for casual use, or opt for the sleeve design for increased protection during intense activities. Check out our instructional video for tips on optimal usage

Commitment to Quality & Service - Crafted from durable materials with meticulous attention to detail, our protective gear comes with a one-year functional warranty.

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  • child reading Elos DIY manual for skateboard assembly, learning mechanics from Elos DIY Kit guide
  • Beginner Friendly Tutorial

    First time switching out your skateboard parts? Don't worry. We've prepared a series of tutorials to walk you though a few details. You can also scan the QR code on the manual card that comes with the product.

    Watch Tutorial