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Grip Tape Customization Pack

Grip Tape Customization Pack

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THE EVERYDAY-PERFECT-BLEND OF GRIP - Our special house blend of silicon-carbide grit got the right mix for you. Enough to improve your control even in wet conditions but not too much to chew up your hands, clothes or shoes. Keeping you looking sharp all day, every day.


BETTER MATERIAL, BETTER PERFORMANCE - Elos Lab tested and approved. Bubble-free, tear-proof, waterproof and will not peel in extreme heat or cold. This is also the clearest clear grip tape you’ll find on Amazon.


FREE TEMPLATES - Download our easy-to-apply, no mess templates for common objects or alter the design for your own grip tape art!


NO FOLD LINES OR CREASES GUARANTEED - Unlike others that roll up or fold up in the package, these are 100% hand-packed and shipped flat to eliminate any issue.


TWO OPTIONS IN ONE PACKAGE - Two sheets of black with one sheet of transparent clear tape. Pick the ones that work the best with your application! Perfect for kick scooters, skateboards, longboards, slippery floors, boats, hand tools, and outdoor equipment.

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  • child reading Elos DIY manual for skateboard assembly, learning mechanics from Elos DIY Kit guide
  • Beginner Friendly Tutorial

    First time switching out your skateboard parts? Don't worry. We've prepared a series of tutorials to walk you though a few details. You can also scan the QR code on the manual card that comes with the product.

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