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Grip Tape Art Template

Grip Tape Art Template

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GET INSPIRED EASILY - These design templates are made for you to get familiar with grip tape initially and learn how to create art with it.

GUIDED TEMPLATES - Each template creates one or more designs. We labeled different parts needed to create specific designs you want. The difficulty level indicates the skills required to complete the art. Check it out if you are finding one that is suitable for your kid.

NEW DESIGNS EVERY QUARTER - Every month or two we will create new fun designs. Make sure to check back in once in a while to download the new patterns!

FREE DOWNLOAD USING CODE ON THE ELOS GRIP TAPE PACKAGE - These grip tape art templates are made free for users who bought Elos Grip Tape Customization Kit. Find the redeemable code at the back of the package and enter it at the check-out.
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  • child reading Elos DIY manual for skateboard assembly, learning mechanics from Elos DIY Kit guide
  • Beginner Friendly Tutorial

    First time switching out your skateboard parts? Don't worry. We've prepared a series of tutorials to walk you though a few details. You can also scan the QR code on the manual card that comes with the product.

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