The New Elos Family (Pre-order)

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The estimated delivery is December 2018.

Tired of seeing your kids zoned out on video games?

Here’s a fun way to get them off the couch & out of the house for hours fun under the sun. For less than the price of most video games, the New Elos (Family) will get your kids two Elos Skateboards, a bit of fresh air, and a healthy dose of some good old-fashioned physical activity. 

We have lots of YouTube tutorials to get your kids started on riding Elos. Better yet, why not watch the videos yourselves and learn to ride with them? Elos’ extra-wide deck combined with its lower center of gravity makes it super stable for beginners. 

At only 4 lbs, Elos is ultraportable and easy to carry. Thanks to the carry handles and the fine surface finish even young kids can carry Elos in one hand. Unlike conventional black grip tape, the clear transparent coating is safe to the touch and won’t scratch your shoes or clothing.

If your kids think Elos isn’t techy enough, have them use a phone camera to scan the unique laser-engraved QR serial code, which can be found on the back of every Elos deck. From there, they can register their board, claim ownership, watch riding tutorials, or connect with us through the customer service.

There are thousands of Elos riders, aged 6 to 60 yrs old, in 28 countries around the globe. Find us on FacebookInstagramTwitter & YouTube.

  • Compact, super stable and good for all riding skills
  • Ergonomic design with lots of YouTube tutorials make skateboarding intuitive & fun to learn
  • Think the longboard cruising experience that fits into your backpack
  • Perfect for running errands or enjoying fun weekends
  • Patented docking system for easy storage
  • Special surface finish will not damage your clothes or shoes
  • Unique QR code for owner registration
  • Simple and clean design matches your business casual lifestyle
  • Front and Rear metal bumpers protect the deck
  • Patented and designed in California, made from top grade USA hard maple
  • Warranty: 6 mos (up to 1 yr after QR code registration)
  • Assembled & packaged in an eco-friendly & reusable canvas bag


  • 2x Elos Skateboard
  • 2x Elos canvas bag
  • 2x Elos postcard x3
  • 2x Elos sticker x2


  • Deck: 17" x 10" x 4.6" | 4 lb | Durable 7-ply USA hard rock maple
  • Trucks: 180mm Width | 50° Angle | Lightweight, hollow-core trucks
  • Wheels: 72mm Diameter | 76A Softness | High-rebound polyurethane
  • Hardware: Nickel coated bolts and nuts to prevent rust
  • Suggested max load: 200 lb with lightweight trucks | 250 lb with heavy duty trucks
  • Suggested max shoe size: US men's 12

ELOS 2018 vs ELOS 2017

  • Lighter (4 lb vs 4.4 lb)
  • Softer, wider, hollow-core cruiser wheels (76A vs 80A)

We hollowed out the trucks to reduce the weight, so we suggest the max load on the lightweight trucks to be around 200 lb.

We tested the lightweight trucks with 220 lb riders and didn’t run into any issues. Nevertheless, if you weigh more than 200 lb, heavy-duty aluminum alloy trucks are our recommended choice! 


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