Elos Giant Maple Guitar Pick

  • The Story of Elos

    Tom is the founder and designer of Elos. Back in high school, he loved to play guitar. However, conventional guitar picks are very small and could be hard to find. This inspired him to create the Giant Maple Guitar Pick. The new design is called Elos which stands for Endless Love of Singing. The new pick design will instantly give you more time to play since it's so big you won’t be spending time trying to find your pick.

    Make sure to give this a try if you are ready to step to the next level of your music career.


    Use Elos the same way as any conventional guitar pick. No learning required.

    Bring It Anywhere
    Elos is 100 times larger than regular pick yet only weights 1lb.

    Ergonomic Design
    The handlebar makes any hard songs easy to handle.

    Smart tracking ID
    Every Elos has a unique tracking ID making it easy to find if you still manage to lost it somehow.

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