General Questions

The 2nd gen Elos rides just as well as the 1st gen, but it is lighter and cruises smoother than the 1st gen Elos. The 1st gen Elos has heavy-duty trucks, 80A wheels, and weighs about 4.4 lb. The 2nd gen Elos has lightweight trucks and weighs about 4 lb. The wheels of the 2nd gen are also softer and wider at 76A durometer. 

We hollowed out the trucks to reduce the weight, so we suggest the max load on the lightweight trucks to be around 200 lb. If you weigh between 200 - 250 lb, heavy-duty aluminum alloy trucks are our recommended choice!   

We’ve been designing and sharing the joy of riding Elos with friends and families well before our Kickstarter campaigns. We've only used the finest parts we can trust. These are the parts that we have tested personally for years and these are the same parts you will be receiving. For our 72mm wheels, we have sampled at least 5 different manufacturers for finishing quality and craftsmanship. One of our previous wheel orders was rejected by us due to quality issues. So far we have not gotten the initial deposit back but that’s how much determined we are with quality control.

Elos weighs about as much as a laptop. With heavy duty trucks, Elos weighs about 4.4 lb (2 kg). With lightweight trucks, Elos weighs lighter at about 4 lb (1.81 kg).

We have tested the load capacity of Elos with friends who weighed around 260 lb. It did just fine. We haven’t had a chance to test the board out with hydraulics to really push its limit : ) Maybe that day will come soon. 

We recommend a shoe size equal to or smaller than men's US size 12 for riding Elos. A maximum load of 200 lb (90 kg) is suggested with lightweight trucks, and 250 lb (113 kg) with heavy duty trucks.

Every inch of Elos is designed and engineered to perform and function like a race car. The design provides more space to stand on for both new and experienced riders. Innovative design and foot anchors let Elos be more compatible with daily life, making it a great accessory.

Elos is made for all kinds of riders. The unique shape and smooth, stable ride let beginners pick up riding in a breeze. In the hands of experienced riders, Elos can carve and turn on a dime.

Elos is designed to be compatible with most, if not all, airlines’ carry-on policies. It can also be stowed in a regular backpack that can house 15-inch laptops.

The deck is composed of seven layers of American hard rock maple. 100% made in California, USA. Each Elos skateboard uses 72mm dual durometer wheels to minimize shocks from uneven surfaces.

Every inch of Elos is designed and engineered to perform and function like a race car. The design provides more space to stand on for both new and experienced riders. Innovative design and foot anchors let Elos be more compatible with daily life, making it a great accessory.

We recommend that Elos be used by those having a men’s shoe size of 12 US & under and weighing no more than 250 lbs. We have tested Elos with friends weighing as much as 260 lbs, with a men’s shoe size of 12.5 US, and the board survived without a sweat. 

Yes, Elos uses 72mm diameter wheel with a wear-resist formula that will last you for years. For any reason, feel free to contact us for replacement parts or you can use any other skateboard wheels as well. However, we do advice to stay close to the 72mm diameter range (65~75) to maintain its designed performance. Feel free to check out our “Elos How To” video on Youtube for maintenance techniques.

Yes, you can do tricks. We call them techniques that make Elos extremely useful and convenient for short urban travels. Check out our Youtube Channel “Elos Skateboards” to learn them. On another note, I’ve seen riders doing a 360° flip on an Elos. Skateboarding is a free sport. Feel free to practice and invent your own signature tricks.

Each Elos comes with a 12 month warranty once you register the QR code on the back of your Elos. Just scan the laser engraved QR code with an iPhone camera or any QR reader for Android to register. Basically, stay away from cars, and try not to get your skateboard wet (bearings could rust). We will replace the parts for free in case of accidental damages.

Most skateboards are designed to do stunts, so most of them come with abrasive grip tape that is rough to the touch and will damage your nice clothes. All Elos comes with a unique surface finish that provides enough grip for control, but is clothes-friendly. So you can wear what you feel like wearing without any concerns.

Shipping & Delivery

Currently, Elos is available in most countries around the world! Besides the North American continent, we have channels in several Asian counties like Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, etc. Check out our Friends page for more info.

For boards in stock, it usually takes 2 working days to ship out from Northern California. It depends on the location for the exact transit time estimation. Usually the board will be delivered in 4-10 days. Out of stock boards will usually be back in stock in a month or two, that's about as much time we need to make you a new skateboard.  😉

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