The story of Elos has been always started with sharing the love to our friends and families. As an Elos rider, come join us for this meaningful anniversary celebration by doing the same to your friends and family! How? Teach one of them how to ride Elos! And we'll send both of you a warm gift before this Christmas!

How to join

  • Take a video of you teaching your friend/family member how to ride Elos. Tips: Be patient. Lock the wheels for them first to make sure they have correct stance (Tom’s tutorial)
  • Upload the video to any of your social accounts, making sure it’s visible to public
  • Copy the link of your video. Tips: For Facebook and Twitter, click on the timestamp of the post/tweet, and you’ll be directed to a page with a URL to copy. For Instagram and YouTube, just click on the video, and the URL should show up at the top of your browser.
  • Fill out this contact form with LINK to your video and SHIPPING INFO (Name/Address/Phone number)
  • Sit tight and the special Christmas gifts are on their way!
Have your video ready? Send us email using the form!