Unique and Fun Corporate Gift Inspired by SugarCon 2017 in San Francisco!

While thinking about the corporate gift, what ideas come to your mind? Mugs, gift baskets, or gift cards? The holiday season is coming soon. If you are struggling to find a remarkable, thoughtful and creative gift to show appreciation to your employees, clients or partners, the story of how SugarCRM decided to choose Elos Skateboards as the VIP gift for their annual premier event - SugarCon 2017 might interest you. 

“I ordered an Elon board after seeing someone ride one in San Francisco. I thought the concept of a board that you can slip into your pack was a great one. There was quite a buzz around the office when it finally arrived. Everyone wanted it! When considering gifts attendees, I knew I had to use Elos. Definitely not something that people leave behind after the conference is done!"

- Laura, Event Planner at SugarCRM


As the #1 rated CRM software in the market, SugarCRM is definitely not with the image of conservative or boring. Every year, they host a conference with over a thousand attendees: Sugar users, partners, CRM industry experts, and technology developers. The 3-day event is packed with inspiring keynotes, educational sessions, networking events and of course fun parties!

SugarCon always manages to exceed the expectations and revamp every year, focusing more on their customers and partners by providing a better and more fun experience to their attendees. This year, they worked with us and made Elos skateboards as gifts to their keynote speakers, and the prize for their best costume contest. They chose our Maroon Red Elos to match SugarCRM’s iconic color, and we customized the back of the deck for them with the SugarCRM logo.

Superheroes riding Elos at the SugarCon 2017 Party

The special event this year at SugarCon is a costume party, with attendees dressing up as superheroes. Below are some interesting photos from the party of how Batman, Thor, the Incredibles, and Marvel’s superhero girl showcased their superpowers with Elos. Our team would like to give a big THANKS to those of you who came to our booth trying Elos, buying Elos, or participating our "share your heroic moment" raffle campaign. We hope you had a great time just like us, and look forward to hearing about your fun adventures with Elos soon!  

Elos at SugarCon 2017 Hero Party

Unique and fun corporate gift for the holiday season

Again, if you want to look for the most unique and fun customized gift to represent your brand for this holiday season, keeping your brand at the top of clients’ minds while showing your love to them with an effortless and fun lifestyle, Elos Skateboards is here for you. We are a quality driven team and pay much attention to details while caring about your brand. Our team will surely work with you to come up with the most unique, stylish and customized design that best represents your company!

How we do it?

Step 1: Design based on your branding with creativity that fits into the brand guidelines.
Step 2: Rapid prototype with 2D mock up to capture creativity and quick functioning models to verify its outcome.
Step 3: Refine results by showing design details on actual models. Fine tune if necessary.
Step 4: Deliver final product within 2 weeks start to finish with pictures along the way to show progress. Result? An effortless big smile from everyone. 




Looking forward to hearing from you soon! 

The Elos Team

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