Our very first blog post for the Elos Riders!

We're excited to announce the launch of our Elos Blog! Going forward, we’ll post updates, helpful information about skateboarding, or any fun stories from our team and riders here. Comment or email us if you have any topics in mind that you’re interested in seeing. We listen to our customers and are always working hard to provide the best!

In this first blog post, we’d like to give you a quick update on some things that we’ve done over the past couple of months. Before we start, remember doing simple maintenance will keep your Elos happy for a long time. (Elos Maintenance video)

New backpack design 

Elos has a new backpack design! After the launch of our first Kickstarter edition, we've been thinking how to revamp our backpack design to provide as much useful information as possible while keeping it stylish and convenient. Collecting feedback from our users, supporters and team members, we decided to change the design with the #elosHowto 3-step instructions. Some of you might have already seen our Elos How To videos. We’ve heard from our riders that these videos helped them a lot to learn as a beginner, so we captured the essence of the videos and printed them into the easy 3-steps instructions on the backpack so they can go anywhere with your Elos. All Elos skateboards still come with a very eco-friendly packaging design with almost zero waste for shipping. 

Elos Skateboards Backpack Design

Production line upgrade inspired by Tesla manufacturing

Thanks to your support, we have been able to set up and making many more Elos in the past couple of months. Do you know how Tesla or Audi make their cars? To improve our quality consistency, Tom, our founder, designed an auto-alignment system that is inspired by their production assembly line.

First, components of an Elos will be placed into a frame like the red frame in the picture to the right. The wheels and other parts will then self-align perfectly and be ready for assembly. The picture to the left shows the Elos production frame while the design was still taking place.

(Picture to the right credit to Steve Jurvetson)

Expanding business connections in Silicon Valley

So now we have a great product, what’s next? Share the experience by getting more Elos riders! We’ve been looking for business connections. Last month we’re invited to Plug and Play, one of the largest startup accelerators in Silicon Valley. We had a great time networking with other startups, investors, entrepreneurs, and experts who have experience bringing the product to market. The story of Elos got quite a lot of Silicon Valley mentors interested, and some of them actually bought an Elos on the spot and became a rider just like you.

Elos - Plug and Play in Silicon Valley

We are actively looking for business partners to grow Elos together. Reach out to us if you would like to discuss more!

And don't forget to email us at hi@elosskateboards.com or comment below if you have any questions or feedback. We're always here to help! Got some fun and memorable stories with Elos? Feel free to share them with #ElosSkateboards on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter

Happy Elos riding!

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