Go shorty, it's your birthday!

"We believe trying new things that you're afraid of is hella fun and empowering. Everyone should be able to do it, at ANY age."

10 years ago, out of love of skateboarding and the desire of teaching friends and family to skateboard, Tom, our founder, started crafting a stable and easy to learn skateboard that is fun to ride and convenient for everyday use. On Oct. 18, 2016, the well-refined concept was named Elos, which stands for "Effortless Lifestyle of Skateboarding", and became a reality with the support from over 600 visionaries around the world through Kickstarter.

Within a year, the Elos team has helped more than 1500 people side by side to learn skateboarding. Thanks to its unique design, over 3000 people from 28 countries has been able to learn to skateboard in an easy, effortless way. Many of Elos riders were absolute beginners with zero skateboarding experience. They thought skateboarding is an extreme sport that is difficult to learn and requires a lot of skills until the first day they decided to try it, and have been enjoying the fun and convenience of Elos ever since.

"Happiness comes after you step out of your comfort zone and try new things."

Life is supposed to be fun. With the idea of bringing love to friends and family, Elos was designed with a modern and convenient style to be used every day. It is a skateboard that is friendly and approachable, a skateboard that brings you closer to your loved ones, and a skateboard that helps you find the carefree happiness.

Elos, a skateboard about fun, love, and community. A skateboard for everyone.

Today is Elos' very 1st birthday. It's been an exciting year with the support from each and every one of you. We want to give a BIG THANKS to you and are excited to continue growing Elos together with you! Check our celebration page, upload your Elos story, and enter our giveaway events (Facebook/Twitter)!





The Elos Team

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